How To Make A Career Pivot To Cannabis

Two types of entrepreneurs emerge during a crisis: Those who panic, kicking into survival mode thinking the only solution is to wait out the storm and hope everything works out at the end. And those who are true change-makers, recognizing opportunity in a time of crisis and springing into action. These people have one thought in mind: What can I do to help?

Consider Airbnb. The company launched right before the 2008 recession and still managed to revitalize the market for short-term living quarters, getting attention from top-tier VCs in 2009. Warby Parker launched during the Great Recession, after noticing it was almost impossible to buy affordable glasses online.

Now we find ourselves in a new crisis and the question is: What kind of entrepreneur do you want to be? A panicker or a change-maker? It may not seem like it, but you are in the most opportune time to make an impact on your career.

And the cannabis industry could be your ticket.

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